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Sol-Go panels use the highest efficiency SunPower® Maxeon® monocrystalline silicon solar cells available on the world market. No grid lines on the front means better absorption of sunlight, maximum efficiency and great aesthetics.

Plus better performance in low light conditions and reduced losses at high temperatures. Panels with front contact cells tend to lose power when bent or impacted, or if used in tough environments.

Sol-Go panel materials and production methods are chosen with extensive testing to ensure a long panel lifetime, supported by global service and warranty. For peak semi-flexible panel performance, consistency, and affordability, there is no equal.

Six Sol-Go 115W semi-flexible solar panels installed on a hardtop boat.

Pictured: A hardtop installation of six Sol-Go 115W Solar Panels.

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Sol-Go 165W Solar Panel 12V
Price: $589.00
Availability: In Stock
Sol-Go Item #: SOS90165 -

Sol-Go-Flex-165W - Flexible Solar Panel Premium 28.6Vmp, 5.84 Imp, (62" x 22" x 0.7) w 10 SS Grommets (031")DATA SHEET

Sol Go 115W 12V Semi-Flexible Solar Panel
Price: $399.00
Availability: Clearance
Sol-Go Item #: SOS90115 -

Sol-Go 115W Solar Panel 12V Use only high power back contact solar cells from SunPower as well as top-quality module materials, delivering the highest power density in the market, up to 35% more power density. The solar cells used by Sol-Go have a thick, copper foundation, allowing for the flex modules to resist power loss via cracking and corrosion. Modules with front contact cells are more likely to lose power when they are bent or impacted and when in corrosive environments. Sol-Go’s module...